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Martin Wright Ltd is an independent BMW | Mini service and MOT test centre in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Mansfield. We have been working with BMW | Mini since we were established in 1987 and built a reputation as a leading centre in the UK.

Our client base spreads way beyond our local areas of Mansfield, Nottingham, Derby and Leicester with clients travelling from across the UK to take advantage of our specialist services at great prices.

“A super local business. Friendly, honest, professional, competitive and reliable.”
“Just had a service, I found very trustworthy did an excellent job she is now running beautifully definitely worth 5 stars.”
“Great service, and value! Welcoming and helpful staff, Very professional. Can’t recommend enough!”

Why Choose Martin Wright Ltd?

Unlike many other local garages, we use BMW specific diagnostic equipment. This gives us an un-rivalled ability to diagnose problems quickly and correctly. With access to BMW’s own known fix’s and technical bulletins, you can be sure that work is done efficiently and at the highest levels of service.

We use BMW’s diagnostic equipment
We’ll use BMW parts to protect your warranty (where relevant)
Access to BMW’s own fix’s and technical bulletins
Over 20 years combined experience
BMW Autologic Trained

BMW Key Reader

This enables us to read the correct information from your car and input the service history into BMW’s central database, we can see if any recalls are available for your car.

Inputting service info onto central database

Your service history will be stored with BMW and downloaded to your car, not only now but in the future. After-market tools do upload to the car but not in the correct order and not to BMW. This service history could easily be lost if a fault occurred with in the iDrive.

BMW approved quality oil

With BMW’s going as long as 2 years between services, you need an oil that will last that long. Not only using the correct specification, but also using an approved quality oil keeps things in line with the BMW warranty and your are less likely to encounter internal engine issues. These include vanos and valvetronic problems, DPF problems and blockages from using the a cheaper alternative oil.

Quality filters

Again – with as long as 2 years between servicing you need your filters to stand the test of time. A cheap oil filter can break down and block vital oil galleries in the engine, starving parts of oil. We fit a activated charcoal cabin filter with every oil service. This ensures that it doesn’t get blocked or put extra strain on the heater motor causing it to burn out. The charcoal in the filter absorbs harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

BMW Service

As an independent BMW Service centre, we provide a professional and friendly service at a great price. We can service any model BMW welcome all enquiries.

We’ll follow BMW Service Sheets
Speedy diagnostics using BMW Key Reader
Courtesy Car (Booked in advance)


BMW’s that are older than 3 years will require an annual MOT test. During the MOT, our BMW specialists will inspect over 150 safety and emission systems.

Fixed price of £45
BMW-trained technicians
Courtesy Car (Booked in advance)

Common BMW Jobs

Click the common jobs below to learn more:

Software Updates
As we know modern cars are full of tech and often have over hundreds of in-built or installed ECUs in them. Luxury cars like BMW 7-series models have as many as 150 Automotive ECUs to control and regulate the functions of the car. Not all BMW faults require parts to be replaced, some need software updates to fix the issue. Or if an ECU needs replacing it will need programming to the car.
Battery Replacement
If a BMW battery needs replacing, it’s not just a case of fitting the battery, it also needs to be coded to the car and the car told it has had a new battery.
IDrive not working
BMW have released a software update for this issue, previously it required a part costing £1, 200and re-program, now though, most can be sorted with a software update.
Timing chain replacement
A timing chain replacement very common on both petrol and diesel engine BMW’s. If not addressed it can cause catastrophic engine damage.
Traction control light

The traction control light can come on in your BMW for a number of reasons. ABS rings on rear of the vehicle is one common cause and BMW tend to replace the whole shaft costing around £500 but we can replace just the ring on the shaft.

The shafts are also prone to stick in hub, other garages remove the whole hub assembly to put in a press, this can fail or bend the hub and the customer ends up needing a whole new hub and shaft. At Martin Wright Ltd, we have invested in equipment to remove the shaft whilst on the vehicle so that it does not cause more damage and cost the customer more.

Module encoding & programming
We regularly perform BMW Module encoding & programming. FRM (Font Electric Module), REM (Rear Electrical Module) are both common examples where such faults arise.
We are able to fit ‘Retrofits’ (items that were optional at purchase but not fitted, e.g. cruise control), and importantly, we’re also able to code them to the vehicle.

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