Air Conditioning Service | Repair in Mansfield

Air Conditioning Service | Repair in Mansfield

At Martin Wright Ltd, we specialise in vehicle air conditioning systems.
We commonly address the following:

Replacing the pollen filter
Anti-bacterial treatment
Servicing your vehicle’s air conditioning system
Re-gas of your air conditioning system
Fault finding
Air conditioning repairs

Did you realise that coldness is a bi-product of air conditioning? Air Conditioning is actually the de-humidification of the air. This is just as important in winter as in summer as the a/c system stops your windows from steaming up. You can have warm air conditioned air as well as cold. You can use it all year round as modern systems make very little difference to fuel consumption.

Benefits of a fully functional air conditioning system

The benefits of a fully functioning air conditioning system include more comfort for the driver, less fatigue, the prevention of bad odours or even illness from bacteria growing in the evaporator. The regular replacement of the pollen filter can also help reduce hay fever and allergy reactions.

Common signs that there is a problem with your vehicle’s air conditioning:

• No cold air from the system
• Gurgling sounds
• Bad smells / odour

Come to the air conditioning specialists

We use the latest automatic air conditioning re-charging system and we employ correctly licensed and trained operators who can service or repair your air conditioning – whatever the problem. Work can take from less than an hour for a basic re-charge service. We also provide the customer with various options when it comes to the replacement of parts – saving you money.

We recommend that your vehicle’s air conditioning is serviced every 2 years – for more information, please contact us today.

Get in touch

If you have a fault or problem with your vehicle’s air conditioning, or would like to get it serviced, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Please note that we are open during lockdown but unfortunately due to COVID-19, we are unable to offer collection or delivery..

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