GDI Injector Servicing in Mansfield

GDI Injector Servicing in Mansfield

What is GDI?

GDI stands for Gasoline Direct Injection, a process where the fuel is injected directly in to the combustion chamber. The GDI injector is responsible for maintaining correct performance, fuel economy and emissions.

ASNU Classic GDI Tester

The GDI Tester allows us to service and clean all petrol injectors (including motorbikes) accurately and efficiently. When mounted on the machine, the injectors are fired in sequential mode simulating those of the vehicles ECU. It is designed to compare the injectors and we can examine their spray pattern to look for discrepancies in fuel distribution.

We can therefore test all your injectors, identify potential issues with any of the injectors and fix what is needed. Servicing your fuel injector and keeping it in good order ensures better power output and improves your vehicles miles per gallon.

ASNU Piezo Adapter Box

In addition, we also have the ASNU Piezo Adapter Box which allows us to diagnose the current system of choice of major executive vehicle manufacturers.

Piezo injectors have a very fast response and allow the vehicle to run at air/fuel ratios of up to 60:1 in some engines (compared to standard vehicles running at 14:1). This means the minimum amount of fuel is used and the exhaust emissions are virtually non-existent. The performance and therefore maintenance of these injections is critical.

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